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Sake Exchange Tokyo (SET) VOL.12 PARTY + POTLUCK FOOD PAIRING : Autumn Sake


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What is SET? SETについて

KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo ) is like an international exchange party with sake. The events are aimed at bringing people from all over the world together through sake.

KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo) とは、日本酒を通じて色々な国籍の人と人とがつながる国際交流イベントです。酒蔵で営業をしていた経験のある外国人による日本酒ワークショップを行いま す。外国人の日本酒のプロが毎回異なるテーマで日本酒の魅力についてレクチャーします。もちろん日本酒初心者の方のご参加も大歓迎!!

This is VOL 12 of the exchange party format SAKE EXCHANGE TOKYO. This format focuses on exchange and just having fun through sake rather than the educational aspect. This version of this month’s party also includes a food pairing / sake & food pairing element. For this purpose everyone must bring at least one dish to share with the other participants.


We have taken onboard some of the feedback that we received at our last event about it being difficult to interact with the other participants and devised an ice breaker game and some other new interactive elements for this event. We will also prepare an area where people can meet new people while enjoying sake. In other words, once you’ve hit it off at the serving table, there is no need to break-up the conversation by returning to your table.



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Event time & date

Sunday 25th September 12:00 – 16:00 9月25日(日)

Participation Fee : 2000 JPY + one dish to share with everyone

参加費用:2000 JPY + + 料理一品の持ち込み

Please bring one item of food to share with other people. This is a condition of participation.


(please try and bring exact change so that we can complete this part quickly)


Theme 今回のテーマ: Autumn Sake 秋の酒

Autumnal sake is considered to be one of the best types of seasonal sake. The flavour is mild and perfectly balanced.


I look forward to seeing you all there!! 皆さん、お会いできるのを楽しみしております。


11:45 Reception 受付


You may start enjoying the sake from the fridges !

12:20: Toast – Kanpai ! 乾杯

12:20: Introduction 挨拶 (10 mins 10分)

12:30: Lecture レクチャー (10 mins 10分)

12:40: Food Matching 料理とのペアリングコーナー

Food matching knowhow and demonstration of how to match food with sake using dishes provided by 2-3 vounteers. 皆さんにお持ちいただく料理と相性がいいお酒を色々とご案内します。( 3人の参加者の方にボランティアをしていただき、その方々のお持ちいただいた料理と日本酒をライブで合わせる予定です。)

12:50: International exchange with a glass of sake in hand from a 100 type strong selection. フリータイムを開始  100種類も日本酒を自由に飲み比べながらの国際交流 To make meeting new people easier, we have prepared an ice breaker game and a space where you can hang out with. 色々な人と上手く交流出来るよう、アイスブレーカーゲームを用意しており、交流スペースを設けております。

14:20: A toast with water & Sake Pop Quiz  水乾杯タイム+日本酒クイズ (10 mins 10分)


Teams will be formed from the groups created during the ice breaker game.

14:30: SET BINGO (Short version) いつものビンゴですが、1ラインだけの短いバージョンです。

(10 mins 10分)

15:00 – 15:15 During this time you can try on happi coat or aprons and have your photo taken breaking open a sake barrel in an reenactment of the famous barrel breaking ceremony ) いつもの試着撮影+鏡開き体験を用意しております。


Why not get a group photo with the new friends that you made during the ice breaker and team games.

15:30 Final toast & group photo (participation is not compulsory)乾杯集合写真

15:40 Last Order ラストオーダー開始

15:45 End of all you can taste sake 日本酒飲み比べタイム終了

15:45 Event Finish イベント終了

16:00 撤収準備

The venue must be vacated by 16:00 16時までに完全撤収お願い致します。

SET RULE (Please read and accept before RSVPing) セットルール (承諾した上の参加申し込みお願い致します。)

Getting blind drunk is not allowed. 飲み過ぎは禁止

(Please take responsibility and pace yourself while drinking plenty of water. The guideline is 2 times more than water. )水を1.5倍飲むことです。

Anyone who is deemed to be beyond their limits will be ejected and banned from future meetups. Guests are strictly the responsibility of the member who brought them. We take no responsibility for accidents caused by over drinking.


KNOW YOUR LIMIT! 自分の限界を知って下さい。

See this link for detailed directions to venue.


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