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Sake Exchange Tokyo (SET) VOL.16 Potluck Party


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What is SET? SETについて

KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo ) is an international exchange party with sake. The events are aimed at bringing people from all over the world together through this magical artisan beverage.

KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo) とは、日本酒を通じて色々な国籍の人とがつながる国際交流イベントです。

This is the 16th edition of the super popular Tokyo sake exchange party. Last month, everyone brought so many amazing different home-cooked foods and we quite literally had a feast fit for a king. If you are unfamiliar with the way Potluck parties work, basically, everyone must bring at least one dish to share with the other participants. This is a condition of participation. This can be a home-cooked or bought entry, it is entirely up to you. As an extra special reward for cooking such lovely food we will be asking everyone to judge the home-cooked food entries across two categories and awarding prizes to the winners. The two categories are ‘most delicious’ & ‘easiest to pair with sake’.

February’s event is set to include the following games and activities: a new and improved ice breaker, sake tasting competition with prizes and the return of sake bingo! With lots of opportunities to bag some free bottles of sake, sake cups, etc.

All participants are sure to have a blast with a glass or two of newly brewed sake in hand while making a whole host of new Facebook contacts / friends.  

このイベントは日本酒の勉強と言うよりも交流を大切にする形式です。もっと真剣に勉強したい方には、workshopをお薦めします。前回のイベントは、参加者が色々な料理を持ちより日本酒に合わせることが出来る、英語でいう『potluck party』です。そのため、他の参加者と皆でシェアできる料理を一品持参して頂くようお願いします。先月のイベントでは、皆、それぞれ美味しい食べ物を持ってきて頂き、美味しさあふれるご馳走になりました。手作り料理を持参した人の中から、 最も美味しい料理や日本酒に会わせやすい料理を投票により決めさせていただきます。




Sake Exchange Tokyo 国際交流とお酒

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This group is for people who want to make friends with people of different nationalities through Japanese sake. People who are located in Tokyo. Every week we will organize sa…

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Event time & date

Sunday 26th February 13:00 – 16:00 02月26日2017年(日)

Participation Fee : 2000 JPY + one dish to share with everyone

参加費用:2000 JPY + + 料理一品の持ち込み

Please bring one item of food to share with other people. This is a condition of participation.


(please try and bring exact change so that we can complete this part quickly)


THEME 今回のテーマ: Junmai Sake

・Compare over 100 different types of sake at your leisure. 新酒(しぼりたて、初しぼり)を含む100種類以上の飲み比べし放題。 The lineup will include newly brewed sake (Shiboritate, Hatsu Shibori, etc.)

I look forward to seeing you all there!! 皆さんにお会いできるのを楽しみしております。


12:45 Reception 受付

As soon as you have completed this part, you may start enjoying the sake from the fridges !


At the start of the event 最初に

13:15 Toast – Kanpai ! 乾杯

13:20: Sake Tasting Competition with prizes (30 mins 30分) 利き酒大会

We will group everyone into teams.


13:50: Free Time フリータイム

Mingle with the other participants, making friends and interacting through fun games while pairing over 100 different sake with the food that everyone has brought. We will create a space for all the food to be laid out for everyone to share.


15:00 – 15:15 During this time you can try on happi coat or aprons and have your photo taken breaking open a sake barrel in an reenactment of the famous barrel breaking ceremony ) いつもの試着撮影+鏡開き体験を用意しております。


Why not get a group photo with the new friends that you made during the ice breaker and team games.
15:30 Final toast & group photo (participation is not compulsory)乾杯集合写真

15:40 Last Order ラストオーダー開始

15:45 End of all you can taste sake 日本酒飲み比べタイム終了

15:45 Event Finish イベント終了

16:00 撤収準備

The venue must be vacated by 16:00 16時までに完全撤収お願い致します。

Food and soft drinks ARE allowed in the venue (no smelly food or food which takes up lots of space). 臭味のある食べ物やほかのお酒の持ち込みは厳禁に禁止しております。

As a condition of entry, each participant is required to bring one dish / item of food to share with everyone. It can be something which you have purchased or something you have made. There is a department store nearby which sells lots of different exciting dishes in its lower floors.


SET RULE (Please read and accept before RSVPing) セットルール (承諾した上の参加申し込みお願い致します。)

Getting blind drunk is not allowed. 飲み過ぎは禁止

(Please take responsibility and pace yourself while drinking plenty of water. The guideline is 2 times more than water. )水を1.5倍飲むことです。

Anyone who is deemed to be beyond their limits will be ejected and banned from future meetups. Guests are strictly the responsibility of the member who brought them. We take no responsibility for accidents caused by over drinking.


KNOW YOUR LIMIT! 自分の限界を知って下さい。