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Sake Exchange Tokyo (Party) 29




KURAND SET (Sake Exchange Tokyo ) is an international exchange party with sake. The events are aimed at bringing people from all over the world together through this magical artisan beverage.

This is the 29th edition of the super popular Tokyo sake exchange party. Last month, everyone brought so many amazing different home-cooked foods and we quite literally had a feast fit for a king. If you are unfamiliar with the way Potluck parties work, basically, everyone must bring at least one dish to share with the other participants. This is a condition of participation. This can be a home-cooked or bought entry, it is entirely up to you.

This month’s event will of course include the usual sake tasting challenge with opportunities to bag some free bottles of sake, sake cups, etc.

All participants are sure to have a blast with a glass or two of newly brewed sake in hand while making a whole host of new Facebook contacts / friends.


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Sunday 20th May, 2018 / 17:00 – 20:00

Participation Fee : 2160 JPY + one dish to share with everyone

All participants must bring at least one item of food to share with other people. This is a condition of participation.

(please try and bring exact change so that we can complete this part quickly)

・Meet and make friends with people from other countries and cultures.

・Compare over 100 different types of sake plus shochu and plum wine and fruit liqueurs at your leisure. The lineup will include a selection of refreshing spring styles and maybe the odd early summer sake.

I look forward to seeing you all there!!


16:45 Reception

As soon as you have completed this part, you may start enjoying the sake from the fridges !

17:15: Toast – Kanpai !

17:20: Sake Tasting Competition with prizes (30 mins 30分)

We will group everyone into teams.

17:50: Free Time

Mingle with the other participants, making friends and interacting through fun games while pairing over 100 different sake with the food that everyone has brought. We will create a space for all the food to be laid out for everyone to share.

18:00: Mini lecture and Q&A about sake (5 mins)

18:30 Last Order

19:45 End of all you can taste sake

20:00 Event Finish

The venue must be vacated by 20:00
(note it may be possible to stay on longer for an extra 1,080, depending on whether or not there are any other bookings)

Food and soft drinks ARE allowed in the venue (no smelly food or food which takes up lots of space).

As a condition of entry, each participant is required to bring one dish / item of food to share with everyone. It can be something which you have purchased or something you have made. There is a department store nearby which sells lots of different exciting dishes in its lower floors.

SET RULE (Please read and accept before RSVPing)

Getting blind drunk is not allowed.

(Please take responsibility and pace yourself while drinking plenty of water. The guideline is 2 times more than water. )

Anyone who is deemed to be beyond their limits will be ejected and banned from future meetups. Guests are strictly the responsibility of the member who brought them. We take no responsibility for accidents caused by over drinking.

Directions to venue


( http://kurand.jp/en/sakemarket/shimbashi/)

From Shimbashi Station

Take the exit marked Hibiya (not Ginza). If you have exited on the right side, you will see locomotive and a huge square. Head across the square and cross the road. Continue up the road on the left of the 7-11. You will see a HUB on the left hand side as you walk up. Keep walking straight up and after you pass an oyster bar, ramen restaurant turn right at the next corner at the Highball 1923 bar. The venue is on your right, the bldg next to the “Haru G Studio” bldg, on the 3rd floor.




Rice Wine Te-hajime



理系兄弟 純米吟醸



酒を売る犬 酒を造る猫 純米吟醸酒



【2019年2月新発売!】酒を売る犬 酒を造る猫 純米吟醸酒 しぼりたて生 30BY



晴れの日の雨 純米大吟醸 お猪口2個セット










KURANDの商品を買えるのは、KURAND オンラインストアだけ。


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