12 ingredients to spruce up sake / 12 Simple Cocktail Recipes for Summer

Greetings sake lovers! To coincide with the opening of our new sister brand “HAVESPI” which provides shochu fans and casual imbibers with the space, ingredients and tools to concoct as many cocktails as they like for one set fee, without time limits. Today we bring you a list of 16 ingredients that put a bit of an eclectic spin on otherwise orthodox ways of drinking sake. Perhaps you have that bottle of sake that has sat in your cupboard since you received it as a Christmas present last December, perhaps you have just come into sake that is not to your taste, or maybe you are looking for a way to add a bit of seasonality, whatever the reason, there might come a time when you need to spruce it up a bit. Cocktails that require just one or two ingredients to make them work are a simple, cost-effective way of doing this.

(Perfect for Summer!) For a change of mood or as a food-pairing option!

1. Sake + Soda


Mix Ratio: 50:50

Why not mix with soda and make a Japanese style highball. Doing so makes for a more exhilarating, more affable sake experience. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to taste for a more chilled-out finish.

2. Sake + Ginger Ale


Mix Ratio: 50:50

Whether it’s a dry one or sweet one, just by mixing with ginger ale, you can make your own Japanese spin on the Ginger High Ball.

3. Sake + Tomato Juice


Mix Ratio: 50:50

This cocktail is essentially just a tame ‘Bloody Mary’ (you could add a little tabasco if you miss the tanginess and the kick). Actually, this version is known as the ‘Red Sun’, with an equally brilliant colour to match that would make a bold statement at any table.

4. Sake + Fresh Lemon

Considering the versatility of lemon as a cocktail ingredient, this one should come as no surprise. A squeeze of lemon with a bit of TLC brings out the aromas and fruity qualities of most sake. The palate is super refreshing and laid back. TIP: Our favourite way of drinking sake with lemon is to heat the sake first.

5. Sake + Wasabi


Pop as little or as much grated Wasabi as you like into your favourite sake for a more adult tipple. The result is a Japanese take on the Horseradish Black Pepper Gibson. East meets East. It’s a taste you will want to try with a bite of sushi.

6. Sake + Lime Juice


Mix Ratio: (Sake) 45ml : (Lime Juice) 15ml

Acidity from a lime helps stubborn sake go down a bit easier. It also helps thin out strong aroma and fragrances so if the nose is getting in your way you can simply shove it to one side. This cocktail is none other than the notorious “Samurai Rock”. Add as much or as little lime juice as your taste buds desire.

7. Sake + Fresh Ginger Keeps the Doctor Away!


Pop a little grated ginger into hot sake to release its medicinal properties among which include prevention and cure of colds and better blood circulation.

8. Sake + Garlic


After an exhausting day at work, there is no better way to unwind and recover that lost energy than hot sake with a little grated garlic (also works against vampire bosses). If you are not too keen on the stench of garlic, steam it first.

(Sweet Tooth!) Also recommended for the unseasoned sake drinker!

9. Sake + Egg


Scrambled egg and a little sugar added to hot sake is one recipe for a cold cure handed down through the generations with a guarantee that it actually works. The warmth and well-rounded flavour of the egg helps bring a sense of relief.

10. Sake + Pineapple Juice


Mix Ratio: 50:50

Combine with fruity sake for a smoothie-like finish. Pineapple juice could be replaced with Mango Juice or Passion Fruits Juice,etc. Add a little fresh fruit for an even more uplifting and aesthetically pleasing cocktail.

11. Sake + Orange Juice + Tonic Water


Mix Ratio: 45ml(sake):60ml(orange juice): 75ml (Tonic Water)

Sake’s take on the screwdriver, simply mix for the perfect short cocktail for summer. The tonic water ensures that this cocktail isn’t too verbose.

12. Sake + Yogurt


Mix Ratio: 90ml (sake): 1 spoonful of Yogurt

Tastes a bit like amazake (sweet low-alcohol sake). Gets rid of any peculiar, uninviting aromas, so we highly recommend this one for the sake-newbie.

So there you have it, 12 ways to spruce up sake! Proof of the versatility of sake. Now go and raid your cupboards for leftover sake and let the experiments begin!