Sake Enters the Global Hall of Fame: The Wine World’s Top Accolade: Parker Points

Greetings sake lovers!

Do you enjoy the odd glass of wine now and then?

This might seem like an odd question to open an article about sake, but if you do, then you will no doubt already be familiar with the “Parker Point” rating system. No system is more respected when it comes to critically evaluating wine across the world.

What you may not have known though was that the system is now being employed for sake as well.

In this article we look at the system in more detail, how it works and what standards are being used to appraise sake.

What are Parker Points?


What is the Parker Points System?
The system is the brainchild of the internationally renowned wine critic, the eponymous Robert M. Parker Jr and is run in the wine magazine he founded “Wine Advocate” where wines are appraised and given marks out of 100 or “Parker Points”. What’s revolutionary about the system is that wines of different price points are all eligible to score the top points.

The system is so influential that just scoring top points is enough to turn even the most mundane daily-wine into hot property with the price tag to match. Less than 1% of all wines evaluated scored over 85 points, but those that do reap the benefits of entering this elite club.

Evaluation Criteria


The judging is split into two stages. In stage 1, a critic give a mark out of 50. In the second stage, another possible 50 points are on offer broken down into the below criteria.

Taste 20 Points
Aroma 15 Points
Ageing Potential 10 Points
Appearance (colour, clarity,etc) 5 points

It is of course possible to score the full 100 points, but judging is pretty strict and just a one point difference can be all that separates greatness from excellence.

Sake has Entered the Hall of Fame


On 1st September 2016, the Wine Advocate announced the first ever Parker Points evaluation of sake. A total of 800 sakes including Junmai, Daiginjo and Ginjo were selected by Wine Advocate’s very own critic Martin Hao and given a rating out of 100.

A list of all the sake awarded over 90 points was made public and can be viewed via the below link.

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The inclusion of sake in this distinguished critical evaluation is a mark of just how much recognition sake has received in the wine world. It’s an exciting development that promises great things for the future.

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