Reasons Why You Should Drink Amazake in The Summer

Thank to the spread of various elements of Japanese cuisine overseas, it’s probably quite well known that Amazake is a low, or—very often—non-alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, which Japanese people like to drink in the winter. A lesser known fact is that it actually makes a nice drink in the summer too—and in fact that is when you should drink it.

As it is rich in vitamins and minerals there are many health benefits from consuming Amazake—so much so, that it is often compared to an “IV Drip”.

In this article we look at some of the reasons why Amazake is particularly suitable for the summer months. We will also share a few easy recipes so that you can try to make it at home.

Is Amazake best enjoyed in The Winter?


Many people think of Amazake as a winter drink, and it’s true that most Japanese people drink warm Amazake in the winter to warm up their bodies. But it might surprise you to learn that Amazake is actually originally a summer drink.

Amazake was invented in the Edo period as a summer energy drink, which is why Amazake is rich in vitamins and minerals. In the ancient times, many people drank Amazake in the summer to recover from chronic fatigue.

The drink was sold on the street by hawkers, who walked around the cities shouting “Amazake, Amazake”.

In short, drinking Amazake in the summer is a practice in Japan that dates way back.

Why People Compare Amazake to an IV Drip


Amazake is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B-complex, Folic Acid, Fiber, Oligofructose, Cysteine, Arginine, Glutamine, Amino Acid, and Glucose. Many Japanese people compare it to an IV Drip”. In fact, the drink has many other health benefits.

・It Relieves Fatigue

We all crave sweet stuff when we are tired. That’s because our brain is designed to give signals when the body is tired. The high levels of glucose in Amazake helps aid a rapid recover from fatigue.

・It Prevents Cold

Amazake is rich in good protein and vitamins, which help boost metabolism and immunity. That’s why this drink prevents you from catching a cold, and it is one of the best remedies for cold as well.

・It Improves Your Digestive System

Amazake is rich in fibers, and since the drink is made from fermented rice, is also a good source of probiotics. You can improve your digestive system by drinking Amazake.

・It Is Good For Your Skin

Amazake is rich in Kojic Acid, which is good for skin brightening and skin conditioning. Amazake is also rich in Vitamin C, Amino Acid, Oxygen, and Biotin, which brighten and condition your skin.

・It Helps You Lose Weight

Consuming foods that are rich in fat is the main cause of weight gain. If you want to lose weight while drinking sweet drink, you should definitely drink Amazake, which is rich in Vitamin B Complex that also helps you burn the body fat.

How To get the most out of Amazake


There are a few things you should remember to enjoy all the benefits of Amazake.

・Too Much Heat Is Bad

Preheated Amazake will warm up your body, and many Japanese people love to drink Amazake in the winter. However, too much heat will destroy the Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C in Amazake, so the ideal temperature of Amazake is around human’s body temperature.

・Check The Ingredients of Amazake

There are two different types of Amazake, one is made from sake lees, and the other one is made from malted rice.

Amazake made from sake lees is rich in fibers, but it is also high in calories since it is rich in sugar as well. This type of Amazake contains alcohol, and will warm up body your body if you drink it. It is not really suitable for children, pregnant women, and people who will partake in sporting activity.

Amazake made from malted rice is rich in minerals, but lacks fiber. This type of Amazake has no alcohol and no sugar is added, but it still tastes sweet as it is rich in glucose.

Both types of Amazake are rich in nutrients, and both of them are good for your health.

Easy Amazake Recipe for The Summer!

You can of course drink Amazake just the way it is, but where would the fun be in that. Here are a few recipes to turn it into a refreshing summer drink.

Easy Amazake and Milk Sorbet


■Ingredients: Amazake 200 ml, Milk
■How to make: Mix Amazake & Milk altogether, and put them in the freezer. Mix the frozen sorbet with spoon before eating.

Easy Amazake Fruits Ice Cream


■Ingredients: Condensed Amazake 200 g, Fruit Juice
■How to make: Mix condensed Amazake and fruit juice with blender or food processor, and put them in the freezer. Mix the frozen ice cream with blender or food processor before eating.

Easy Amazake Soy Milkshake


■Ingredients: Amazake 100 ml, Soy Milk 100 ml, lemon juice
■How to make: Mix Amazake, soy milk, and lemon juice with blender.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Why not try a little Amazake this summer and reap its health benefits. You could even bring one of the non-alcoholic types along when you visit KURAND SAKE MARKET. We look forward to welcoming you!