Taste 6 of the Brewery’s Best! An Introduction to Our Shibuya Branch’s Monthly Recommended Brewery: Takeno Brewery!

Greetings sake lover!

Here at KURAND SAKE MARKET, starting from March, each of our bars will dedicate a corner of their fridge to a different brewery every month to allow you to taste not one, but a total of 6 carefully selected sakes from that brewery’s lineup (we normally don’t include more than one type from any brewery to give all the breweries equal representation). Allow us to introduce the cast that take centre stage in this month’s “Feature Brewery Corner”. In the Ikebukuro branch corner we have Ishii Brewery from Saitama Prefecture, in the Asakusa Branch corner we have Hasegawa Brewery from Niigata Prefecture.

And finally, at our Shibuya Branch, it is the turn of the subject of this article, Takeno Brewery from Kyoto Prefecture.

A Must-Try Brewery

Takeno Brewery was established in 1948. Yukimachi Yoshiki says that it is a love of sake that is the driving force behind their brewing.

The brewery puts a deal of emphasis on their links with the region, with a view to becoming a locally adored sake. Relationships and networking that extend far beyond just Tango, Kyoto, or even Japan, but to the whole world.

With skills inherited from tradition and the belief that to challenge is to preserve they impart the Tango terroir into their sake. They continue to create new fans all over the world through their sake brewing, setting their sights firmly on the future.

The Chosen 6

IMG_9881 (コピー)

Matsuri Kurabu (1) Nama 2015 BY

IMG_9868 (コピー)

A Word From the Brewery

{Literally: you see the light}

When you watch a festival from a balcony as opposed to ground level, you experience it with a removed third-person, almost tourist-like perspective. In other words, you don’t get any actual sense of participation. And that’s essentially the feeling that we wanted to recreate. You become slightly removed from the world when you are drinking it.

A mild deep type that boasts a robust character — not to mention a pleasant acidity and richness.

Compatible Food Options
Grilled duck, grilled fish, grilled chicken with a marinade.

Kame no O Kurabu Nama 2015 BY

IMG_9846 (コピー)

A sake with a sweet, refreshing nose. This one’s for all the sake virgins and novices out there, who are not yet so accustomed to sake’s somewhat-rougher edges. That being said, It makes for a great introduction to the beverage, whatever your previous experiences.

How the Brewer Tells It

Picture a female office worker visiting a sushi restaurant with her boss. Left up to the mercy of his ordering, this is the first sake that touches her lips. “Sake is much tastier than I thought” she cries.

Compatible Food Options
Subtle dishes like white fish sashimi.

Iwai Kurabu (2) Nama 2015

IMG_9854 (コピー)

Kyoto is the birthplace of the brewing rice “Iwai”. The rice is polished to 70%, in line with the judgement of the brewery that this is a superior rice that doesn’t need polishing to shine. It has a solid dry flavour and good posture. It is a must-have ice breaker at drinking parties everywhere. It is a sake that doesn’t want you to try it just once, but have your fill of it.

Compatible Food Options

Asahi Kurabu Nama 2015

IMG_9875 (コピー)

Made with organic-certified (pesticide free) rice, this is a perfect sake to bring to the table of any cuisine, Japanese, Western or otherwise. It won’t get in the way of whatever you pair it with and will happily bring out the subtle flavours of sushi as well —it begs you to pair it with sushi.

Compatible Food Options
Sushi, shellfish steamed in sake.

Kame no O Kurabu Namazake 2015

IMG_9857 (コピー)

Produced in a different tank to Kame no O Kurabu No.2, but essentially based on the same blueprint. Even though the ingredients might be the same, with a different hand in the mix, the result is a complete different concoction. *Such is the nature of sake brewing, there is no such thing as an identical sake anyway.

No.4 Kame no O offers up a much more subtle sweetness than its brother.

A Word from the Brewery
No ingredients produce the same sake. And that’s what makes sake so interesting.
Compatible Food Options
Wafer thin raw ham.

Nanamaru Nama

IMG_9876 (コピー)

A Junmai type sake made in the Yamahai brewing style (see this article for a lecture on Yamahai sake). The main goal of this sake is to release as much umami from the rice as possible. The rice it is made with comes recommended in Kyoto: “Kyo no Kagayaki” (LIT: “the brilliance of Kyoto”. Warm up to increase its brilliance and flavour.

Compatible Food Options
Smoked foods, deep fried seafood, sauce-type Yakitori.

And that wraps up the introduction of Takeno Brewery’s showcase.
Why not come and try the entire 6 sake selection.

More introductions coming soon!!!