Taste 6 of the Brewery’s Best! An Introduction to Our Ikebukuro Branch’s Monthly Recommended Brewery: Ishii Brewery!

Greetings sake lovers!

Here at KURAND SAKE MARKET, starting from March, each of our bars will dedicate a corner of their fridge to a different brewery every month to allow you to taste not one, but a total of 6 carefully selected sakes from that brewery’s lineup (we normally don’t include more than one type from any brewery to give all the breweries equal representation). Allow us to introduce the cast that take centre stage in this month’s “Feature Brewery Corner”. In the Shibuya branch corner we have Takeno Brewery from Kyoto Prefecture, in the Asakusa Branch corner we have Hasegawa Brewery from Niigata Prefecture.

And finally, at our Ikebukuro Branch, it is the turn of the subject of this article, Ishii Brewery from Saitama Prefecture.

So, without further ado, we give you the specially selected 6 bottle lineup from Ishii Brewery.

Brewery Introduction

Ishii Brewery was established in 1840. The brewery was set up at the crossroads of the Onari and Nikko highways, at the time a bustling inn town. The brewery owner Mr. Ishii and master brewer Mr.Wakuta, both in their 20’s, makeup the youngest partnership in the industry. Using their youth as a weapon, in a sake industry often referred to as ailing, they dive into new challenges with a positive attitude, brewing under the motto: “fermentation is people managing microbes with the desire to make drinker’s lives brighter and richer”.

The Chosen 6

IMG_9933 (コピー)

Nisai no Kamoshi Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

IMG_9964 (コピー)

This is the second edition of the ‘Nisai no Kamoshi’ brand, which was started in 2014 as a brand where every part of the process, from the planning to the production, even the design, features the talents of players in their 20s. From this product onwards, a calligrapher and sake rice farmer have joined the team so that from the rice to the calligraphy on the label, the product really is the work of a group of 20 somethings both in name and in substance.

Compatible Food Options

Yellowtail Teriyaki, avocado and seaweed roll sushi

Sai no Genseki Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

IMG_9959 (コピー)

This sake Is a collaboration with Kanbai Brewery from the neighbouring city of Kuki
that came about from an Idea to stage a Saitama sake derby between the two breweries. The derby is basically a sort of a taste-off between two young tojis to see who can produce the best sake from the same conditions.

It has body, a little acidity on the tongue, a palate that combines sweetness and umami in the same glass.

A Word From the Brewery
We named this sake ‘Sai no Genseki (LIT: gem of Saitama)’ because it embodies our desires to spread the as of yet unknown charms of Saitama and the hope that we young brewers can be a shining gem of the future.
Compatible Food Options
rolled egg in fish stock

Chou Chou Chou Muroka Nama Kijoshu

IMG_1150 (コピー)

Kijoshu is a super luxury type sake made with alcohol instead of water. Yes, you read correctly, it is basically sake made with sake. By using last year’s Kijoshu as the base they have created an even thicker, richer well-rounded, sweet & sour flavour. Chou is the French word for ‘cute’. It is pronounced shu. Have you figured out the catch yet? Shu…. Nihonshu… the other pronunciation for sake…. made with 3 x sake as opposed to water…. Hint! Hint !

Compatible Food Options
Dried fruits, chocolate.

Houmei Junmai

IMG_1153 (コピー)

The signature brand of Ishii Brewery! An ‘all-Saitama’ sake from the yeast to the Sake Musashi brewing rice. Made with a process that brings out tons of umami from the rice to produce a rich sweet sake.

Compatible Food Options
Yakitori skins, Nikujaga (meat and potato stew)

Gongen Sakura Peach Colour Nigori (Cloudy Sake)

IMG_9951 (コピー) (2)
This sake’s pink exterior might scream artificial colorings, but in fact the colour was achieved by way of a yeast that produces it naturally as a part of the fermentation process. Its gentle mouth-feel and cute pink appearance make it a perfect candidate for your next Hanami picnic.

Compatible Food Options
Strawberry cookie, macaroons.

Hatsu Midori Ginjo 2 Year Aged Koshu

IMG_9968 (コピー)
The brewery took one of their rather more rare dry sakes and aged it at a constant temperature for 2 years. The result is a pleasant vintage aroma and surprisingly mild mouth-feel with a hint of sweetness.

Try serving this sake at all kinds of different temperatures to experience it in different guises.

Compatible Food Options
Smoked Aigamo (duck), Camembert Cheese.

And that wraps up the introduction of Ishii Brewery’s showcase.
Why not come and try the entire 6 sake selection.

More introductions coming soon!!!