Used Bottle Caps Transformed Into Fashion Items (in just 3 mins!!)

The caps used to seal 1.8L sake bottles are called “crown caps” or Oukan. But what should you do with them after you have finished-up a bottle?

Perhaps you collect them. Personally speaking, when I (the writer) was a child I used to use turn them into counters to play with. Of course, in most cases, disposing of them along with the empty bottles would is the obvious choice but just hold on a second!

In actual fact, with just a little DIY, used bottle caps that would otherwise be destined for the rubbish bin can be transformed into a whole array of different fashion items. In this artcle we will show you how to transform them into cool little fridge magnets.

The Origin of the Crown Cap

Before we get down to business, you may be wondering why they call them “crown caps”, so allow me share with you a little trivia on the subject.

In Japan, crown caps date back to the 1900s when they were first used to seal beer bottles in Tokyo.

The crown cap gets its name from the fact that if you put it on upside down, its serrated edge makes it look like the beer bottle is wearing a crown. Nowadays all bottle caps are called crown caps regardless of their shape or design.

What you Need

You need just 3 items. All except the bottle cap itself, can be sourced from a 100 yen store (if you are in Japan) or a stationary / DIY store if you are abroad.

Crown Cap
Craft Knife or DIY knife
Magnet(1.8cm – 1.9cm)
It might take a bit of searching and or trial and error to find the right size magnet. If you can’t get your hands on an exact fit, you can always sand whatever you find down to the right shape using sandpaper. Ideally you are looking for a magnet around 1.8-1.9cm in diameter.


Right then! Let’s make our magnet!

1. Cut away the back of the cap using a craft knife.

Insert the knife just below the rim of the cap and cut all the way around.
Take care not to injure yourself when you insert the blade.
A clean cut!


Cut in line with the rim of the cap. The more tidy the cut, the more accomplished looking the finish.

2. Fit the magnet into the hollow part of the back of the cap.


As you can see from the photograph, the underside of the cap is hollow.
Carefully press the magnet into the hollow space. If you are lucky, the maget will fit like a glove with very little force. Otherwise, sand the edges down until it is the right size.

Fits like a glove!


In the case that the magnet is smaller than the hollow part of the cap, double sided tape can be used to pad it out a bit.

Voila! And Here’s One we Made Earlier!

Your work is done. Now take a step back and admire your handy work. ♪

Why not turn your fridge door into a mural of sake brands — and as an added bonus everytime you go to the fridge you will be tempted to open another bottle of sake.