Our Shinjuku Branch Finally Opens Its Doors – We Take a Peek in Side

Attention !! all sake lovers out there!!

KURAND SAKE MARKET, a sake drinker’s heaven where you can taste over 100 different types of sake without time limits for just 3240 yen has now opened a branch in Shinjuku!

It joins Ikebukuro, Asakusa and Shibuya as the fourth location.



The bars operate a super straight forward self-serve style. First you pay the entrance fee and choose a cup. Then you simply make your way over to the fridge, choose whatever takes your fancy from the 100 or so varieties on offer and pour away at your leisure. You can ask staff who are steeped in sake knowledge for their recommendations and engage in lively conversation about sake with the other customers.

It is free to bring your own food, and you can nip out to buy more at any time during the proceedings. If that wasn’t enough, you can also exchange your cup for another type any time you like.

How to Get to the Shinuku Branch

The bar’s location couldn’t be any more convenient: it is located in a building right next door to Shinjuku Sanchome underground Station. Take exit C6 and the building is on your left directly after you get outside. A great location I think you will agree.

On rainy days, if you use the elevator to exit, you can get into the building without getting wet. After all, sake tasting is nowhere near as much fun when you are soaked to the bone.

Why not follow us upstairs to the 4th Floor to take a closer look!


There it is! the good ol’ KURAND logo. It marks out the entrance to the Shinjuku Watasei Building.


How to Enjoy

Once you have paid the 3240 yen entrance fee, you can select your choice of tasting cup. There are quite a few types to choose from. You might be wondering if it matters which type you choose… Absolutely! the flavour and aroma of sake is greatly influenced by the shape, aperture and material of the cup you drink it out of. See this article for more details

You will get this funky glow in the dark stamp and be shown to your table.


The sake are lined up in the fridges, ready and waiting. Let the tasting commence!


The Appeal of the 4th Branch

The 4th branch comes equipped with an exclusive draft sake server — loaded with freshly brewed sake so that you can enjoy sake in its freshest form whenever you please!

Sake stored in this way is much less likely to oxidise than if it was stored in a 1.8L bottle. It is so fresh it’s like drinking sake from the brewer’s tank directly!

Twist the tap and …….


The fact that you can pour sake from a tap instead of a bottle will no doubt come as a bit of a surprise. Ahhh, this reminds me of my primary school days when I use to wonder: “if only our school tap could give us orange juice”. The whole experience certainly stirred an emotion or two in me.

Where to go in Shinjuku For Your Nibbles


The bar’s flexible reentry policy means that if at any time you get a bit peckish, you can simply pop out and pick up some nibbles — A good job then that the Shinjuku branch is very conveniently located near lots of grocery stores selling all kinds of delicious produce.

First of all there is the Food Section of
Isetan Shinjuku and if you don’t mind venturing a little further away, there is the Odakyu department store — each offering a rich selection of tasty morsels. The latter is a good option if you are travelling to the venue by the Odakyu line, in which case you can simply pick up some supplies on the way.

A lot of customers make stuff at home and bring it to share with friends, and if there are leftovers, everyone!


Well, that about wraps up this short guided tour of the new branch.
The branch is available to take bookings via the below link.

What are you waiting for!? Head on over.

On behalf of the staff at the branch, I look forward to welcoming you real soon!

Address 4F Shinjuku Watasei Tama Building, 3-9-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, 160-0022
Tel 03-6457-7544
Opening Hours Weekdays: 17:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)Weekends Lunch: 12:00-16:00 (L.O.15:00) Evennings 17:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)
Closed Days Open every day, all year round
Capacity 60 people