A Great Way to Get Into Sake: Sake Based Fruit Liqueurs

On 18th February, the sister operation of KURAND SAKE MARKET, SHUGAR MARKET finally opened its doors for business. It is a bar where you can compare over approximately 100 different types of fruit liqueurs and plum wines sourced from all over the country, at your own leisure, without any time limits.

In today’s article we explain the concept in more detail and the message that we wish to convey through the bars.

Liqueurs – Another String to the Brewer’s Bow


A lot sake breweries also produce plum wines and liqueurs. Generally speaking, sake is made during the winter months, between November and March, when it is coldest (this is referred to as cold climate brewing). So even though there is no sake brewing going on during the summer, a lot of breweries fill the gap with other products. KURAND’s partner breweries are no different.

For example, Kazuma Brewery who we featured in a recent article make a plum wine called Noto Plum Wine. This is a plum wine made with plums from the Noto Peninsula soaked in a base of sake made with rice and water, also from Noto. The gorgeous deep aroma and flavour of the plums makes you forget that fact though.

We simply thought that if we could spread the charms of plum wine and liqueurs, we would be doing a service not just for our partner breweries but sake breweries across the entire country. And thus, we set up SHUGAR.

Of course some shochu makers also include liqueurs and plum wine in their line-up; At SHUGAR MARKET we have got this covered too.

A Belief That This Will Give New Value to Sake


One of the original fruit-based liqueurs available for you to try at SHUGAR MARKET is a product designed together with one of our partner sake breweries in Nara Prefecture, Kitaoka Honten.

By using the latest cold press technology we have trapped the deliciousness and that feeling of bliss that you get from fresh fruit and infused it into a base of Junmai sake. Far too many fruit-based liqueurs are made with shochu; this SHUGAR original product bucks that trend.

Our mission is: “to give new value to sake”. Through the fusion of sake and fruit, we can create a liqueur made with a base of sake that is even woman and young person friendly. This, we believe, adds new value.

Through Sake, We Want to Promote Regional Flavours


Just as we pointed out in this article, each and every bottle of sake comes with a narrative. Furthermore we believe that sake is a product of agriculture, an expression of the region where it is made. That is what makes a jizake (regional sake) a jizake.

This is no different for liqueurs and plum wines. Whether it be plums grown in Ishikawa Prefecture, Nanko plums grown in Wakayama Prefecture; a plum wine made with plums grown in Saga Prefecture; lemons grown in Hiroshima Prefecture, apples grown in Iwate Prefecture; or a fruit liqueur made from clementines grown in Wakayama Prefecture; by turning each and every one of these edible gems into a form of alcohol, we are able to package and deliver their charms in a different box.

Just like the sakes that we feature at KURAND, there are a whole load of delicious plum wines and liqueurs out there just waiting to be discovered. We opened SHUGAR MARKET with the conviction that if we make that discovery fun, people will also discover all that’s great about the regions that make them.

The products might have changed but the message hasn’t. And that is why we have set up a little SHUGAR corner in KURAND SAKE MARKET. Meaning that visitors to KURAND can also enjoy a little taster of the originality that SHUGAR has to offer. Why not try deviating from sake in between flights on your next visit and sample some delicious SHUGAR liqueurs.

TIP: Yoghurt liqueur + Lemon liqueur = cheesecake flavour
Yoghurt liqueur + coffee liqueur = a luxurious caffe latte flavour

A bookings page for SHUGAR market is under construction and will be made public very soon.