Tricky Japanese sake terms – How many do you know?

Greetings Sake Lovers!

I don’t know about you, but all those tricky Japanese sake terms can take quite a bit of remembering. How many do you already know? Why not test yourself? Are you up for the challenge?

Right then, thinking caps on, eyes down and prepare yourself for today’s sake quiz.

Just How Many Sake Terms Can You Correctly Identify?

The answers can be found at the end (scroll down to the bottom) Let’s start!

Basic Level

1. 杜氏 Toji


A. Master Brewer.
B. Rice Farmer.
C. Rice Steamer.

2. 貴醸酒 Kijoshu


A. Sake made with added sugar.
B. Sake made with alcohol instead of water.
C. A type of vintage sake.

3. 生一本 Kiipon


A. A Junmai brewed in a single manufacturing location.
B. A Junmai brewed in small volumes.
C. A Junmai which has not been pasteurised.

4. 麹 Koji


A. A healthy batch of yeast.
B. Another word for the yeast starter.
C. Rice inoculated with a mould that turns the starch into sugar.

5. 上槽 Joso


A. The process that separates the solids from the liquids.
B. The process that grows a healthy yeast.
C. The process that pasteurises the sake.


6. 生酛 Kimoto


A. An old fashioned, super labor-intensive, natural yeast starter process.
B. An old fashioned pressing technique.
C. An old fashioned steaming technique.

7. Nigorizake 濁酒

DSC_1865 (コピー)

A. Sake which is perfect for warming.
B. Unpasteurised sake.
C. Sake with some of the solids left in to give it a cloudy appearance.

8. 製麹 Seigiku

麹づくりの様子 (1) (コピー)

A. The process of making the malt.
B. The process of propagating a healthy yeast.
C. The process of steaming the rice.

9. 老ね香 Hineka


A. Off flavour of aged sake.
B. A super fruity aroma.
C. Another word for the acidity of sake.

10. 滓 Ori


A. Left over rice particles that are normally filtered out.
B. The microorganism that turns the starch into glucose.
C. The process that pasteurises the sake.


11. 暖気樽 Dakitaru


A. Apparatus used to steam sake.
B. Apparatus used to heat up the yeast starter.
C. Apparatus used to carry the rice to the koji room.

12. 櫂 Kaiire

画像 008 (コピー)

A. The process of stirring the mash with a long wooden oar.
B. The process of steaming the rice.
C. The process of heating the yeast starter.

13. Haze

kouji08 (コピー)

A. The quality of the rice.
B. The way that the mould that turns the starch into sugar propogates
C. A type of rice polishing.

14. 醪 Moromi

DSC_1865 (コピー)

A. The Japanese word for the mash.
B. The Japanese word for the malt.
C. The Japanese word for the yeast starter.

15. 甑 Koshiki

大甑の蒸し (コピー)

A. The vat used to steam the rice.
B. An old type of sake barrel.
C. An old type of fermentation tank.


1. A
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. B
14. A
15. A

How did you do?
Did you get a full score?

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