KURAND SAKE MARKET menu renewal! Feature Brewery Corner & new products – The whole tasting experience just got even better!

Our menu has had another makeover!!

This includes the addition of various new corners and new products so whether you’re a first time customer or new to KURAND, there is something worth making a visit for.

We can’t wait to tell you what has changed, so, without further ado!

Menu Renewal ! New Fridge Layout & New Corners


In addition to the menu renewal, we have also completely revised the layout of the fridge.

Introducing the 11 Sections

Menu Renewal

2 DRAFT SAKE BARREL * Limited to Shinjuku Branch

The New Corners!

Must-Try Sakes Corner

This is where you will find all the sakes that you would be crazy not to taste during your visit! We particularly recommend this corner for first-timers who are a little overwhelmed by the choice on offer.

Popular Regulars

Here you will find some of KURAND SAKE MARKET’s most popular products – the non-movers in our sake ranking if you like. There are three levels to this corner, each showcasing a particular flavour profile: upper, middle and lower — Upper for sweet, middle for well-balanced and lower for dry. Go ahead and try and find something to suit your taste.

* The sweet/dry classification is meant to be used as a rough guide only

Monthly Recommended Brewery

All four of our branches will showcase a different brewery in this corner every month — and from said brewery, there will be not one, not two, but six different sakes to taste. With a new brewery to try every month you are sure to discover something new and exciting. The 6 sake selection will from time to time include the odd limited edition sake… yep, you heard me right folks! limited edition.

Details of This Month’s Recommended Brewery Line-up can be found below.

Branch Link
Ikebukuro Ishii Brewery
Asakusa Hasegawa Brewery
Shibuya Takeno Brewery
Shinjuku Asahitsuru Brewery

Sake Tasting Corner

Introducing a brand new corner: sake tasting corner. In this corner you can taste two versions of the same sake with only subtle differences to tell them apart. The sets that have been put together by the brewerys themselves especially for KURAND. For each sake there is a KURAND original version and the brewery’s signature version. Can you tell them apart?

The Front Row – Completely Original Products


The Back Row – Brewery’s Signature Products


Sake offers a variety of different comparisons: rice variety, yeast variety, method of storage, production method etc etc. Comparing sake this way is one of the many charms of the beverage. Just a tiny change in ingredient or production method can make a huge difference to the end product. Why not taste the different for youself and take yourself to an ever deeper level in the sake experience. We hope that our new corner will add an extra level of depth and enjoyment to your experience at our bars.


The first theme is Pasteurised or Hiire vs Unpasteurised or Nama. That’s right! we are throwing you right in at the deep end and asking you to spot the subtle differences between sake that has been pastuerised with sake that has not. This is not something you can do every day.

Draft Sake Server * Limited to Shinjuku Branch Only

The 4th branch comes equipped with an exclusive draft sake server — loaded with freshly brewed sake so that you can enjoy sake in its freshest form whenever you please!

Simply twist the tap and out sake pours! Pretty impressive right!?

New Entries

IMG_9814 (コピー)

I wonder, if you frequent the bars on a regular basis, if you have noticed that little by little the sake selection at KURAND has been changing. In actual fact, since our last renewal in December 2015, over half of the selection is different. We wouldn’t be satisfied with giving you the same old sake over and over again.

With this menu renewal comes a whole host of new entries.

What follows is a little taster.

Takeno Brewery, Kyoto – Kurand Kurabu

IMG_9794 (コピー)
Sweet and fruity with a crisp finish. A sake with is own unique umami (savoury goodness). The sort of sake that keeps you coming back for more. Perfectly suited to beginners and seasoned sake lovers alike.

Ichinomiya Brewery, Shimane Prefecture – Rika Junmai

IMG_9801 (コピー)
A little dry but with a refreshing palate. Perfect for food pairing because its flavour doesn’t get in the way of whatever you pair with it.

Kunpeki Brewery, Aichi Prefecture Gojokawa Sakura Tokubetsu Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

IMG_9805 (コピー)
A little memento of the cherry blossom season that never was. Rich, fruity, fragrant. Brimming with floral notes — as you would expect — that compliment a gentle marshmallow flavoured palate full of umami.

Tamagawa Brewery, Niigata Prefecture – Echigo Ichie Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

IMG_9792 (コピー)
A sake purist’s dry from Niigata. Refreshingly simple with hints of nuts and herbs on the nose. Highly aromatic with cereal notes. Lots of umami, yummy – nuff said.