Our aim is to promote small boutique breweries from all over Japan, the likes of which have yet to enter the spotlight. By communicating the passion that goes into each and every bottle of sake we will create new fans of the beverage throughout the world and give new added value to sake.

All our services are designed with this primary goal in mind.


The logo of our brand is an amalgamation of the shape of rice and the Chinese characters for Kurabito (brewer in Japanese). The different colours represent the individualism of the sake brewer.

The Focus of the Craftsperson


Even in an age of advanced technology, there are lots of breweries out there that continue to brew by hand as a small team or in a family unit. What they lack in size, they more than make up for with focus, attention to detail, individualism and a rich diversity of ideals.

Juice-like sweet sake.
Slightly fizzy cloudy sakes that pop in the mouth.
Sake made with glutinous rice (sake is normally made with the non-glutinous type) for a sweeter palate.
Sakes with a relaxed crisp finish.

Sakes made together with the local farming community.

It’s sakes like these, that we will make it our mission to introduce to a new audience.
By creating new fans of these boutique breweries, we expand the possibilities of sake.
We strongly believe that one day sake will conquer the world.