A British sake master will teach you the A to Z of sake and help you find a sake which is perfectly suited to your personal preferences. It’s like buying a suit, only it’s sake.
This is the perfect opportunity for people who like a tipple of something different. Whether you are just starting out with sake or are a seasoned sake lover, there is something in this experience for everyone. Don’t worry if you have tried sake before and it failed to impress you because we will convert you with our range of delicious sakes. KURAND showcases sake by boutique breweries who focus on the finer details to produce sake that appeals to everyone.

Teacher Profile



Greetings Sake Lovers!

SAKE pilgrim Chris here!

Allow me to make a quick self-introduction before we get down to business.

I am a huge fan of sake who, discovered sake in London, and after 4 years marketing to Japanese restaurants there came on a personal pilgrimage to Japan to learn more about the beverage and work in the industry. After spending a year with a prestigious brewery as their Tokyo sales rep I now take on the role of International Sales and Marketing (that’s PR to you and me) to find a new international audience for sake and set it up so that we can all toast with it at the 2020 Olympics.

Lecture & Professionally Guided Tasting

The actual flights may differ from the photographs.

In the 2 hour lecture which includes some professionally guided flights of sake you will learn how sake is made, about the raw ingredients, the history, about the myriad of varieties that are out there. The lecture starts from the very ground upwards and assumes that to begin with the student knows nothing about sake. Parallels with beer and wine make the subject more familiar.

Lesson Contents (contents may change without notice)


Each lesson comes with a specially made hand-out and cheat sheet which you can take home to relive the experience.


– SAKE INGREDIENTS (rice, koji & yeast, water)


Guided Tasting


Throughout the lesson, Chris will guide you through a selection of flights consisting of 10-12 completely different sakes taken from breweries located all over Japan. Each sake is served in glassware that matches the flavour and aroma of the sake.

Sample of Flight Contents

Rice Varieties

A selection of sakes that show off the flavour of the rice that they are made with.

Superior Types of Sake

Taste the crème de la crème of sake and learn what makes them so high quality.

Fruity vs Floral

Sakes that are made with a yeast that brings out either a floral or fruity aroma.

Lesson Time: MON-FRI 19:00-21:00

Price (per person):

Lesson and all you can taste: 5,950 yen

– Sake lesson and all-you-can-taste sake.
– Feel free to bring in your own food.

*Please arrive 15 minutes before the lesson start time.

*Late arrivals will not be compensated.

Customer Testimonials

“I have taken part in many tours / experiences during my time travelling the globe, but this was the best yet!”

Chris gave us a detailed and interesting walk thru on the history and process of sake tasting. 100 types of sake… All you can drink….what else could one ask for 🙂 “

Chris (native Brit) is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. There is also a written presentation which helped a lot. (Before attending all I knew about sake was that it was made from rice.) “

Chris was so friendly and helpful in answering all of our many questions. A local brewer even came in and we sampled some of his different types. They have a light tasting menu of snacks or you can bring outside food in as well. For anyone in Japan interested in learning about sake, expanding your knowledge, or just want a different bar scene, this is a must try. I only wish we stumbled upon this at the start of our trip so we could go again. “

Chris is so friendly and knowledgable on sakes, taught us a lot great place to experience and explore more on sakes & Japan Culture! “

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